Mumble Server

Ask an officer for our mumble server details. Mumble server is provided for free by Steve (Drellee in game). It is a privilege, not a right. Mostly open to all, with a few rules to adhere to:

  • Status in the guild has no relation to your status on mumble

  • Don't be a dick to other members

  • If you're going to use an open mic, keep your background noise to a minimum or use push to talk please

  • You don't have to talk on mumble, so if you're shy thats fine. Just be able to listen :)

  • Know the meaning of 'self deprecation'

    If you are a dick, you will be banned from mumble

    It is therefore important that you are not a dick

    Thou shalt not be a dick

    For if thou art a dick, thou shalt be cast out

    A dick is doomed to forever walk Cursed Earth

    Nobody wants a radioactive dick

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